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“A talented pianist”Billboard

“Ingenious musical arranger”New York Times

“A pianist whose plaintive playing was to cry for”Ebony

“Classic, well-oiled swing”New York Times

“Wizardly song arrangements”Time Out NY

“Superb musical director and pianist”The Guardian

“Magnificent pianist”Artburst Miami

“Virtuosic”Village Voice

“Evocative musical arrangement”

“Musicianship is top-notch”

“Wonderful—so instinctive”Across the Arts UK.


“Matt Ray’s creative song arrangements make old tunes sound like like they were written just in time for this year’s Grammys.” — Chloe Veltman, KQED


“Music director Matt Ray drew out the best in the superb orchestra.” — Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times


“A 24-Decade History of Popular Music is markedly enhanced by the lush musical arrangements created and conducted by Matt Ray (I’m not gushing, these orchestrations are a genuine class act).” — George Heymont, Huffington Post


“The arrangements by Matt Ray are often spellbinding” — Jesse Green, Vulture


“Ray smoothly led the troupe through paces that fused virtuosity and nuance, deftly navigating uptempo tracks…and somber musical landscapes.” — Ernest Hardy, Crave


Matt Ray leads “an impeccable ensemble of keyboard, bass and drums. The trio builds up tight rhythms around booming vocals…and quickly warm(s) up the crowd.” — C.J. Lazaretti,


“It takes courage to include the word ‘lost’ in a CD title—some might draw a parallel between title and content. In this case, though, the parallel is both apt and positive. As pianist Matt Ray’s liner notes imply and his performance illustrates, he is lost in the best possible sense: totally immersed in the moment and the music.” –Paul Moots, All About READ THE FULL REVIEW


(Four Stars) “Excellent musicianship and great tunes from great composers…inventive and uplifting.” — Dick Bogle, review of Lost In New York


“In a follow up to his successful debut ‘We Got It!’, New York pianist Matt Ray releases ‘Lost in New York’… an album of adaptations and original tunes. the trio is genuine ‘night club’ electric… the feeling of live interaction between players as they generate the tensions and breathe the release… together as one. ‘Lost in New York’.. our featured album on radioIOJAZZ…” — DrMike radioiojazz


“Pianist Matt Ray conjures up some especially spooky vapors.” — Mel Minter of Musically Speaking


“Smart men make smart moves. Smart musicians make smart music. Matt Ray is one such musician. Split down the middle between original compositions and covers, Matt Ray’s ‘We Got It!’ moves like a time traveling machine, bouncing back and forth betwixt modern day musicianship and past musical greatness. Strikingly, Ray’s own pieces don’t vary much from those of the late greats, and if one wasn’t familiar with the classic tunes he would be duped into believing that Ray had written the timeless gems himself…the man flows, seemingly allowing his piano to play itself…his excellent phrasing and conscientious use of time are thoroughly matched by his attention to melody. We Got It! That they do. And from the sound of things Matt Ray and his band plan on keeping it. “

— D.J.M., Rapport Magazine Review of We Got It! READ FULL REVIEW


“Pianist/composer Matt Ray…makes an auspicious debut as a leader with ‘We Got It!’ a savvy, swinging set of originals and standards.  Matt Ray has made abundantly clear on this premier recording that whatever ‘it’ is, it’s something he’s Got.” — Drew Wheeler, CDNOW Senior Editor, Jazz READ FULL REVIEW


“…a promising debut album that unveils a wonderfully understated piano player…his excellent piano playing takes front and center as he flows from track to track effortlessly.” — Bradley Torreano, All Music Guide review of We Got It!


“…a sweet treat…mesmerizing…the audience could not get enough of the Matt Ray Trio.” — Andrew Clunis, The Jamaica Gleaner


“When we were represented abroad by the Jazz Ambassadors, such as Matt Ray Trio, we provide an example of how our free nation has made something new and incomparable out of really diverse roots.”
— Madeline Albright, Secretary of State excerpted frpm Albright’s remarks at the White House Conference on Culture and Diplomacy, November 28, 2000


“pianist Ray…make(s) playing on difficult pieces seem like a breeze.” — Harvey Pekar, Jazz Times Magazine, review of Mike Lee My Backyard (Omnitone)


“Ray is impressive as a soloist but even more as a tasteful comper.” — Duck Baker, Jazz Times Magazine, review of Mike Lee Above the Battleground (CAP)


“Solid rhythmic accompaniment…pianist Matt Ray counterbalances the richly thematic proceedings with daintily executed voicings and progressions…” — Glenn Astarita, All About review of Mike Lee’s My Backyard

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