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NY Times gushes over “A 24-Decade History of Popular Music”

Wesley Morris of the Times shares his feelings about being at the 24 hour show. Calling it “one of the great experiences of my life” he noted “the “24-Decade” project was, at least in part, about becoming who we Americans want to be, by recognizing who we have been. It’s about artistic confrontation, reinterpretation and personal transcendence. The scope of the project allows you to consider the centuries of artistic ghosts we live with.”

The review is a moving tribute to the community and empathy conjured during the radical faerie realness ritual. Morris acknowledges Matt Ray’s “ingenious” musical arrangements, and closes with this beautiful thought:

“What if some of America’s trouble is that we’ve been too caught up in our own individual dreams — that some dreams mean a nightmare for somebody else. What if Mr. Mac’s fantasia was the anti-dream, and those 24 beautiful hours were about the wisdom of staying woke?”

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Oct 11
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