Rapport Magazine Review of We Got It!

(Three Stars) “Smart men make smart moves. Smart musicians make smart music. Matt Ray is one such musician.

Split down the middle between original compositions and covers, Matt Ray’s We Got It! moves like a time traveling machine, bouncing back and forth betwixt modern day musicianship and past musical greatness.

Strikingly, Ray’s own pieces don’t vary much from those of the late greats, and if one wasn’t familiar with the classic tunes he would be duped into believing that Ray had written the timeless gems himself. Maybe its the sequencing…whatever the case the man flows, seemingly allowing his piano to play itself, to forge its own way as he and his band members react to what the instrument delivers. Even when transforming Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happier than the Morning Sun’ into a jazz jewel he opts to let the song mutate itself, riding shotgun as it weaves its way through the avenues of sound. And his excellent phrasing and conscientious use of time are thoroughly matched by his attention to melody.

We Got It! That they do. And from the sound of things Matt Ray and his band plan on keeping it. Show ’em some love and pick up their new CD.”

— D.J.M., Rapport Magazine

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Jul 28
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